Foundation Course In Yoga and Ayurveda

Duration: 21 days – 100 Hours

The ancient science of Ayurveda works on bodily aspects such as Dosha (basic body energy), Dhatu (body tissue), and Mala (excretion). Understanding the root cause of select disease and disorders will be studied in this program.

Understanding physical and emotional balance through Ayurvedic treatments.

Workings of internal medicinal lubrication for removal of body toxins by any one or a combination of Ayurvedic procedures. The benefits of Panchakarma will be highlighted.

The course also incorporates a holistic understanding of herbal decoctions, saatvik diet, Ayurveda supplements, massages, and different therapies with medicated oils and ghee.

Research surveys and clinical observations in the context of basic concepts in yoga and Ayurveda. Aspects of Yoga are covered for holistic for healing, detoxification, and rejuvenation through Ayurveda.

Topics covered


21 days – 100 Hours


On-Campus and Residential

Residential Course Dates

15th June to 5th July 2024


Education: The course intends to develop foundation of Ayurveda which will help Yoga teachers to deepen their understanding. Therefore, it is recommended that the applicants should have at least 200 hours education in Yoga

Age: No limit

Medical Fitness: Candidates should be medically fit and sound as certified by competent authority.

Course Fees (Residential)

For Indian Students

Course – Rs. 31,700/-
Hostel charges with food – Rs. 9,000/-

Total – Rs. 40,700/-

For International Students

Course – USD 610
Hostel charges with food – USD 600

Total – USD 1,210

For Indian Students

Course – Rs. 34,800/-
Hostel charges with food – Rs. 10,000/-

Total – Rs. 44,800/-

For International Students

Course – USD 700
Hostel charges with food – USD 650

Total – USD 1,350

Course Fees (Online Session)

Due to the Pandemic situation this Residential Foundation Course In Yoga Ayurveda is being offered in ONLINE MODE simultaneously.

Interested students can register

For Indian Students

Rs. 15,000/-

For International Students



This course is accredited as Certificate Course from Indian Yoga Association (IYA) and the Syllabus is equivalent to Level 2 – (Yoga Wellness Instructor) of Yoga Certification Board (YCB).

Please Note: Even though YCB has recognised Kaivalyadhama as Leading Yoga Institute but as per YCB guidelines registration to YCB is to be done separately by students. If anyone wishes to be certified by YCB then exam has to be taken and paid for separately.

Credits: 5.16 (124 Hrs)
Theory lectures: 45 Credits: 3
Practical Yoga: 51 Credits: 1.7
Project Work: 28 Credits: 0.46

Unit 1. Ayurveda– Concept, origin, historical development as a health Care System.


Unit 2. Concept of Health- Modern perspectives, Yogic and Ayurvedic stand points.


Unit 3. Yoga & Ayurveda– A comparative study.


Unit 4. Practical Yoga

Before you Register

Please upload the eligibility documents (in clear and visible form) on the online form when filling it out. Application forms with inappropriate or unreadable documents will not be processed further.

For enquiries, email us at college@kdham.com

For enquiries, email us at kdhamcollege@gmail.com

Your feedback is important to us, so before you continue, let us know
Your feedback is important to us, so before you continue, let us know